YIG Tuned

   Band Reject Filters
Micro Lambda Wireless's MLFR Series of Band Reject filters cover the frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz.  These filter offer excellent notch depth and precise bandwidths for rejection of unwanted signals.

Standard configurations of 1.4" and 1.7" cubes are available and can also be ordered with an Analog or Digital Driver.
Octave Band
     40 dB Rejection Bandwidths @ 10-25 MHz
1-18 GHz
Multi-Octave Band
     40 dB Rejection Bandwidths @ 5-35 MHz
.5-18 GHz
     Full 2-18 GHz and 2-20 GHz coverage in
     single units
2-20 GHz
Wide-Band 16 Stages
     MLFR Series Multi-Octave Band
4-18 GHz
Ultra-Notch Narrow Band
     70 dB Rejection Bandwidths @ 70 MHz
5.9-10 GHz
Dual Channel Multi-Octave Band
     40dB Rejection Bandwidths @ 5-15 MHz
     Two Independent Filter Channels
2-18 GHz